Monday, April 16, 2007


Went to Rochester Saturday, saw two fabulous people step down as King and Queen and two fabulous people step up. Good times. I never got a chance to ask if G2 was wearing the socks, let alone see them, but I will assume that she did. I didn't get a picture cause I'm a moron.

I surprised our new King with a knitted bag to go with his socks. I finished it at the 11th hour and didn't get a picture. Maybe later. Tarik picked up a bronze tombstone for my Halloween Village at Estrella. It is way cool!

I made new purple wool socks for Niklos in honor of his knighting, also didn't get a picture. I'm really sucking at this camera ussage. I purchased enough yarn to make 2 pair, so I will probably make a second pair for my former apprentice sister. If she is agreeable. I caught him while he was getting dressed and had already put on the felted socks that I had made months ago. I made him change cause I'm like that.... The purple socks went with his garb (which was gorgeous purple silk) and they were more period. I spoke for him as a rep of the Laurels and was told that I spoke well, and that people could hear me.

Rachel surprised me and showed up at the event. That blew me away! I hope she had a good time. I agree that she might be happier at a demo or a moot. Coronation is all day court and it's hard to enjoy if you don't know what is going on.

It was decided on Saturday that I will be taking a student in July. I am very excited, and she is as well. I really hope this is a good choice, I have very positive feelings about it. I know there will be some surprised people at WW. My apprentice was at the event so I had a chance to introduce them. She truly showed her grace by taking a cast pewter plaque from her belt and presenting it to my student to be. That was way spiffy and I was very touched.

Sunday was relaxing with gardening and barbecue.

I removed the foot of straw that P had placed on my bulbs last week as the temp dipped to zero and we got an inch of snow. Sunday was in the 60's. I cleared off the hay, prunned the 2 ugly bushes, hooked up the hose and gave the garden a good drink. There are a number of buds getting ready to open.

I spent a good portion of the afternoon sitting in the sun, sipping a Mike's, knitting and taking a nap with the cats.

P was the grill master.

One should be properly attired when handling meat.

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KnitSteph said...

Those socks of yours are amazing. You should write a pattern for 'em. *hint hint* Us other SCA folk might like to make some too. ;)

I haven't been to an event in a few weeks *sigh* and I'm having withdrawals. Gas prices are making it difficult to get anywhere. Our crown tourney was weekend before last and our coronation will be in July. I tend not to miss our coronations, but I had to miss this crown since it was way out in West Texas. Turns out it was a good idea not to try to got really cold and snowed and the roads were really bad.