Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh Harlot....

This is the second time that I have heard her speak and she has yet to disappoint. So much fun! The talk was at the William Mitchell College of Law in the auditorium. It was sponsored by the Yarnery (celebrating 35 years!) I believe that there were 400 in attendance. All those wool fumes was enough to make anyone a bit overcome! Naturally Stephanie was funny, articulate, thought provoking, and impecably dressed. (her bohus is astounding) I am concerned about the rasp that she is developing in her voice. I hope someone gets her some herbal tea with honey soon. Perhaps this is a holdover from the harrowing trip to MI?

I wore my freshly finished socks:

The yarn is Onlinie yarn, Supersocke 100, Walking Color #851. I did find that a LOT of green dye was expelled when I first washed them so I do recommend hand washing. The ribbing is a simple K1 P1 for the cuff and a K3, P1 repeat for the body. The pattern is found in Nancy Bush, Knitting Vintage Socks. It was a very simple knit on size 1's. I made the sock for the key chain sock blocker out of the same yarn.

I also wore my maroon mohair sweater that I knit from yarn that I purchased on my first trip to Germany. I traveled through Europe with my sister when I was 20 and she was 18 for 10 weeks. (I still can't believe that our parents let us do that) Naturally I needed something to do on the trains so I purchased yarn and needles in Germany and knitted a sweater as we traveled the rail system of that country. A few years ago I frogged back the original sweater and re-knit the neck (changed it from a boat to a turtle). I deffinately needed the sweater yesterday, and my wool socks, and my cashmere hat, and my scarf, and my gloves cause it was COLD! P was fabulous and dumped an entire bale of hay on our front garden to help protect the spring bulbs that are all coming up (my tulips are a good 8 inches out of the ground). Fingers crossed that we got to them in time and the hay will be enough to keep them sheltered from the cold snap. Silly flowers should know by now that we can get snow in May.

I brought socks to work on during Harlot's talk (as did the other 399 people in attendance).

Cascade Sassy Stripes, color 707

I doubled their length while laughing, cheering, and whooping it up in the back with all the other Woodbury knitters. Sarah was excellent and pulled together a lovely care package filled with discontinued yarn, needles, coffee and chocolate.

I must confess that I have not purchased her new book yet. I'm still debating about buying Knitting Rules instead. She's contracted for another 2 so that will be fun to see what she comes up with.

When I got home I knit 2 more rows on the Icarus shawl (took me close to an hour!). Only 2 more rows to go and then another 4 and I bind off. I'll be so happy when I block this puppy.

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