Monday, June 04, 2007

Juggling canvas

Not the easiest trick to perform I assure you, but it feels like what I have been doing over then last month+.

Friday night I stenciled the Yeti shade fly and set it out to dry overnight. I started gathering my various garb bits together in an attempt to prepare for a week of weather in Kearney, MO the second week of June. We can get all sorts of weather and I have seen it all. Mostly it is HOT during the days, but not always, and it can be rainy, or sunny, or stormy, or severe weather, or cold. I feel like I have multiple personalities when I try to pack for Lilies.

Saturday I was up early cleaning the house, taking out the garbage, cleaning the bathrooms, washing the floor, completing a load of laundry, and folding up the shade fly and packing it in it's bag. My friend came over around noon and spent 6+ hours with Bruce creating a shade fly with four detachable walls and a carrying bag. She was hoping to get started on a shower tent but was fairly well spent at the end of the day, as one can imagine.

I spent Saturday knitting and sewing more garb. I completed 2 linen smocks, and started a new linen gown, which will be done this evening. I would like to make a new hood and a wool overgown, but the wool is not mine and I'm waiting for permission to use it. I honestly am not positive if it is wool. I suspect it is a poly blend, which is not surprising considering that the "King of Man Made Fibers" had it in his stash. Oy! I think I need a second opinion. It's such a nice color and good weave that it would be terribly disappointing if it turned out to be poly. Some people complain about their spouse's fiber stash, I think they need to see my partner's fabric stash! Good grief! Unfortunately a large portion of it is poly-blend stuff.

Sunday I sewed a shade fly for another friend while she picked the wall loops off her wedge tent (I wanted to reposition them). I had the shade fly mostly sewn before she finished taking off all of the bottom loops. I was pretty pleased with my speed. We were done with our tasks for her tentage in under 2 hours. After she left I continued working on my linen gown and got most of it sewn. Then I was off to a graduation party (my cousin's youngest is off to college) and dinner with my folks, P and my sister. My sister's birthday was yesterday. We ate dinner at Mai Village in St. Paul and then we attempted to find a place to have coffee and desert, but the only places I could think of were closed. We ended up at Baker's Square, which was fine. Their Key Lime pie was very nice. We had a good visit. P left after dinner to return home and continue his sewing. He is completing a new gambeson.

I arrived home and completed sewing my linen gown, tried it on and discovered that the sleeves were just too tight. I took out one layer of stitches to see if that would help, and it did, but it's really not the best fit. This morning I decided to re-cut new gussets for the sleeves/ underarms and picked out the current gussets, which I completed before heading off to work. Once I get home from work I can sew in the new gussets and finish sewing the gown. Other than the tight sleeves the gown looked very nice. I wish I had more linen cause I would make a second gown.

I discovered that our communal tent for camp may not be coming cause the person who would be bringing it may not be coming. That will suck if he can't come. We can find a replacement for the tent.


Beth said...

Woman, do you ever sleep?

Liz said...

Not as much as I should, but I will have plenty of time to sleep next week on vacation.