Friday, June 22, 2007

Socks progress

The left sock is complete to the decorative band at the ankle and I slipped it onto the 2 circular needles. (size 0)

The right foot (shown above) has been completed up to the ankle band and once the band is complete I will slip it onto the 2 circulars as well. Then there will be nothing but stockinette and increasing until I get to the top 2 bands and cast off. I realize that this looks the same as the left sock, but there is the subtile difference in that the seam runs up the inside of the leg instead of the back so the seam is placed in two different places in reference to the heel.

His calf is 15.5" around at the widest part and his lower leg measures 21" from the ground to the crease behind his knee. I think I will be knitting approx 10-11" of white. Good boring knitting to bring to WW.

My guage is 9 stitches/ inch and 12 rows/ inch.


Emily said...

No picture of the apron smocking?

Spring said...

(I'm visiting from the historicknit yahoo group)

The socks look beautiful!