Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lilies 21

Ok, I did not take many pictures this year. Nothing really has changed much with the camp so if you want to see what our camp looks like you can take a look at the pictures from last year.


Our camp was smaller this year, but still a lot of fun. We had the regulars (Padruig, myself, Halvdan, Ilya, Tosten, Constanza, Theorndric, Magnus, Mawdag, Anne) and then some new folks (Kathy, Sorcha, Lu, Taion, and Hrodir). A number of folks cancelled at the last minute because of illness/ injury/ ennui: but Lilies will be there next year when they are able.

All the pictures from this year can be found in my Photobucket album.

Highlights of the week:

1) arriving Friday at 1:30 to enjoy the "parking lot party" before heading into camp at 3 pm. I didn't know if I liked it at first, but it was a nice bit of downtime before having to unload the van. We had my tent, Ilya's tent and the kitchen tent set up and ready to go before Padruig and Halvdan showed up. Hrodir arrived a bit before them and Sorcha and Lu arrived shortly there after, along with Tosten and Constanza. Most of the camp was set Friday night, which is a bit unusual. My kitchen was ready to go that evening and Saturday morning for breakfast.

2) Saturday was spent doing the normal errands. Grocery shopping, liquor run and last visit to the showers. This year we added a hardware run where I purchased 2, 2 x 2's and had the propane tank filled. We mentioned that we were looking for firewood and one of the employees put us on the phone with his ex-wife's new husband who ran a tree cutting service and sold firewood. We got directions to Excellsior Springs, MO and we were off. the directions got us there and back with minimal problems and we even got to see a tower! We decided that even if this trip was bust it was still worth it for the tower. We filled the back of the van fwith firewood for $25. It was mixed hardwood and knotty as you could please, but it burned like a treat and was wonderful to cook with. We hit the liquor store and market and then onto Sonic for lunch before returning to camp. I unloaded the van, drove it to the parking lot and didn't touch it until I picked it up a week later to load and drive home.

3) Sunday morning around 2 am was our weekly storm. We awoke from a sound sleep to a great peel of thunder and our tent glowing blue from a close lightning strike. We got up, threw on clothes and went outside to make sure things were under cover, tents were secure, ropes were tight, just a general battening of the hatches. Once we were satisfied, we went back inside the tent, just as the hail started. Fortunately that was the worse of it. the wind never picked up and aside from the ocassional drip inside the tents, everyone was safe and sound and dry. The storm lasted for a couple hours and I think we ended up with 4-5 inches of rain. Sunday morning the camp was squishy and we had to drain our firepit, but that was the worse. The firepit and the wood was dry enough to roast a giant briskit that afternoon. I even boiled potatoes in my large pipkin. Good times.

4) I made a new shade fly for the guys to use on the field and all agreed that it was a great space. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The guys spent most of the week fighting. I spent most of the week at the Tailor's shop hand sewing new garb for TM's Calontir. It was a LOT of fun! I also went to classes and learned all about German garb, smocking, and knitting guilds. I also started a new pair of socks (see previous post)

5) Sunrise one morning...

I was up inexplicably early one morning and took the above picture. Then I went back to bed.

6) Thursday night I had the honor of holding the sword of state for HM Hrodir during court. I held it like a pro for 2 hours and it was awesome! I could have held it for another 2 hours I was that pumped. Tom's job is in jeopardy. I'm just saying.

I am home. The car is still functional. All my laundry is complete. Now I need to pack for the weekend cause I am camping again. I am covered in bug bites, but fortunately I did not get bit by this beauty cause that would not be much fun.


Sarah said...

First off, yehuck, I hate spiders. Second, sounds like good times were had by all and the camp looks great, hopefully I'll get down there one of the years. I like the yeti on the shade. Oh and a minor third, it's Taion, his name gives everyone trouble, he keeps getting Talon because of the way he writes.

Brangwyne said...

Looks like Lillies was a blast as usual. A good friend of mine was Squired there this year. (To Duke Mahdi) My Ian says we're going to try to go next year.