Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sewing night

Only a couple of people showed up, which was fine. R spun, K knitted a washcloth and I sat and did the hand finishing on the linen gown, which fits much better. I also repaired my turnshoes and managed to stab myself in the lip when my thread broke. A fun.

The boys stayed up in the sewing room and H sewed 3 new tunics and P finished his new gambeson and arming cap. It looks like he was working on other stuff as well, but who knows.

Tonight I have a ton of errands to run after work. I need to deposit checks in the bank, pick up and return C's trailer and stop at the pharmacy to pick up essentials for the trip. Once I get home I'm going to cut out and start sewing a wool overgown (looked through my stash last night and found a nice burgundy wool). Once all my sewing is complete I'll start packing. I already started gathering my garb and accessories last night. The van packing will commence Thursday night so we can leave bright and early Friday morning.

I'm trying to get a friend's foot measurement so I can start knitting socks for him at Lilies. This year I am not going to let "World Knit In Public Day" pass by without notice.

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Guinifer said...

Heh - my public is going to be me at the cabin - so I'll observe Knit in Public day there.