Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thank yous

I received a lovely card from Meals on Wheels thanking me for my donation of potholders. That was a nice treat.

I dropped off the rest of my charity knitting at the Yarn Garage on Sunday so now all of it is turned in. A good thing too as they were low on mittens and I was dropping off 3 pair. That was a good drop in my stash.

I'm currently looking through my stash to see what I could contribute to the stash swap at the MKG meeting on the 16th. I also need to put together a plate of goodies for the buffet as well.

I started the decreases on my Koolhaus hat last night and I should be finished shortly. Tonight I'm going to make carmels. I want to make up goodie plates in time for St Nicholas day on Saturday so I can hand out treats to neighbors and friends. I also need to buy a gift for DJ. Borders here I come!

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