Monday, April 20, 2009

Arietta body is complete

I finished the right side of the sweater on Thursday and washed and blocked all three pieces before heading to MO on Friday. They are dry and ready to weave in ends and assemble, which I think I will do at Fiber night this evening.

I saw a few weeds in the garden bed that will need attending to.

P put down weed killer on the lawn while I was gone. Yay!

I started the sleeves for the sweater on Thursday and I am past the cuffs.

I have started knitting the heel flap on Ariel's stockings.

Calontir was way fun this weekend and I hope people were not too bored in my class. I really need to explore my subject further and knit up more examples. The Silk Stockings did get a chance to meet and we did not cause a riff in time or space. We were very silly though!

Captain in U

We did not have a "little captain in us", just some KY moonshine. WOW! Perhaps plying us with liquor and sending us to head table was not the best idea. LOL!

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Constanza said...

I never would have thought of a rift in time happening over the weekend, but I also didn't think about coming back with a lower respiratory infection thing.