Friday, April 10, 2009

Operation Dirndl

It has begun. Pattern and fabric has been purchased and I'm ready to begin. I even started prewashing the linen/ cotton for the blouse last night.

No, I'm not making it for Octoberfest. I'm German, but my family was from the North or the West bordering France. I don't have any relatives from Austria. I simply like dirndls. They are super cute, easy to wear and fun to say. Say it with me: dirndl, dirndl, dirndl! Fun!

My goal for completion is the end of April.

"Where will you wear this?" you ask. Everywhere! Grocery shopping? Yes! Work? Yes! Dinner? Yes! I figure there are people in Austria who wear this dress every single day so why not.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Of COURSE you will!! And that's why I love you so much! :) Be sure to post pictures when you're done!

Merouda said...

Go for it! I, muself, am beginning to lean towards Edwardian for daily wear. What the hell.

And, in your dirndl, you'll be better dressed in the modern world than many Scadians in the SCA at events.