Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our neighborhood

We really live in a charming section of West St Paul, and we are close to a lot of cool things.

I'm less than 2 miles from my yarn shop.
I'm 6.5 miles from work.
I can easily drive to 4 major hardware stores, an old fashioned meat market, bird shop and pet food store.

We also have really unique things, which I chose to chronicle on my walk after work last night.


This meditation maze is at the end of our street, roughly 3 blocks. It's based on the maze in the transcept of Chartres Cathedral . I finally walked it last night. Granted, it's a bit more tricky to meditate while listening to Lime and Violet on my mp3 player, but it was still fun.

Just down the street from the maze is the Dodge Nature Center.


There are bike trails throughout the neighborhood and a nice trail that travels along Shepherd and across 35W, which I'm going to use when I start riding to work again or when I'm going to the new location for my Co-Op. I do miss having my bike route from Battle Creek, but there is a lot to be said living on a convienent bus line.


caillie said...

I love those labrynths! Very relaxing.

Emily said...

Thanks for the pictures! I knew about awesome things like living near 3 Kittens but that labyrinth is cool to see.

Ragnar said...

Oh man! I used to live in St. Paul, and now I'm all homesicky, even though I love Michigan (great lakes baby!)

My friend is the produce manager for mississippi market. If you see a medium statured, somewhat balding, dark haired man standing around in a smock and looking very interested in the tomatoes, tell him Jessy says hi.