Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Knitting front

Well the right side specifically. I'm still trundling along on the Arietta cardigan. I finished the left side on Monday and started on the right. The back has been done for a while. Just the sleeves, blocking, weaving in ends (which there are a LOT!), sewing up and knitting the button band will be left after the right side is done. I'm going to knit the sleeves at the same time.....

My goal is to have it completed and wearible for Shepherd's Harvest on May 10th, so I have more than a month. It's possible, but naturally I have a bunch of other projects.

Stockings- I'm starting the clocks and then I need to make the feet so they are pretty close to complete
Class on April 18th - I really need to test knit a different foot before this
Start my garden - I plan to clear off the dead weeds this weekend
Fix Irel's tent - this Saturday
New tent for me - I need this done for Castle Fever (May 22-25), which includes building the wood support, sewing the canvas and painting.
Decorations for Crown - May 9th

Shade flys for the Kingdom? Ultimately it would be great to have these ready for WW.

Someone stop me from volunteering for things!!!!!

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Alinore said...

You are coming to Castle Fever then? Yay!