Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cats and bathrooms

My cats are bizarre. Not the most original statement I know, but there it is.

They demand entrance to the bathroom each morning, especially after our showers to converge upon the tub and lap up the water. Nehemiah is especially fond of drinking out of the soap dish. We don't actually keep soap in it so I'm not worried.
This morning I found both of them in the tub. Please ignore the state of my grout. Thanks.

My cats are bizarre.

Nehemiah is very cute though. Little tubby, but cute.


Liz said...


I miss your kitties! Pet them a little for me. :)


belledlr said...

Cute Kitties! They look like they are fun to have around. Perhaps we can get together to have a playdate with Charlie? I don't think Charlie has ever met a cat. Don't think he would know what to do with them...