Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No Rogue Monday for me

That will be the second week in a row that I missed. Oh well. I'm kind of enjoying the break. I'm at a place in the pattern that I'm unsure of myself and I'm afraid I'm going to have to take it all out if I mess up and that does not make me want to knit right now.

Instead I'm sewing TENTS! 4 new wedges to be exact. 2 were made in Madison over the weekend, and the two I'm working on now were cut out over the weekend in Madison and now I am sewing them with the help of Bruce.

Bruce is my industrial Consew and I LOVE him! Maybe it's something to do with the hum when he starts up....

My wedge instructions are coming along and I hope to have an article ready for the Northwatch and hopefully a website. It would be completely cool to show up somewhere and see a whole row of wedge tents and find out they used my pattern. Weee!

Lenny likes his tent, but he doesn't like to share with Nehemiah.


Teej said...

Oh, *whew*! I feel less bad about not working on Rogue Monday either now!

Liz said...

Don't feel bad at all. This is supposed to be fun.

Teej said...

Yeah, I know, but I do really want to get the sweater finished so I can wear it. It's just not at all portable with all the charts and stuff, and I haven't felt like knitting much at home lately. I'm also jonesing to warp my tablet weaving loom now that I can set up a warping station, so that's likely to further detract from possible Rogue time!