Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Evil Plan (tm) progress

8 pairs of garters in the heraldic colors of 8 kingdoms: CHECK!

Currently in possesion of 4 out of 8 pairs of stockings to date: CHECK
(I will receive 2 more pairs tonight)

Having everything ready and packaged to hand over to Sabina by Sunday: CHECK!!!!!

It's a week later than I would like, but it's not the end of the world. Of the 8 only one knitter was unable to meet the deadline, so I am finishing that pair. I received the unfinished pair Monday evening and I have knitted approx 13" and will be starting the heel flap this evening. I'm hoping to have the gusset decreases done before I go to bed tonight, then I will just need to finish the foot, which should go quickly. Currently I can tell where I started knitting, but I think that will come out in the wash when all is said and done. My right shoulder joint is really starting to ache with all of the knitting I have done of late. My bed buddy has been permanently afixed to said shoulder since Sunday. I think everyone should have one, they are brilliant!

I am really proud of everyone who worked on the project and I think this was a challenge to some, but in a good way. Maybe we will do this again sometime?

I really want the final stockings done so I can start working on Hrodir's again. I am 10 rows away from starting the fancy calf decoration and I can hardly wait. I'm thinking about putting them in the A&S at Haire Affaire. I don't think it will hurt any if I do and I can put together some documentation by then.


Kate said...

Are all the stockings the same size?

Liz said...

No. Each knitter was responsible for a specific person and thus responsible for finding out her foot size.