Monday, February 26, 2007

They predicted snow...

and they were not playing around.

Friday evening started out sleeting and we had a slight dusting over ice when I woke up at 5 am Saturday to drive to the event. Nordleigh had an event this weekend and there were a couple dozen brave souls who came despite the weather. I had the food for lunch so I started my drive at 6:30 am to allow plenty of time to get to Northfield. I had a good breakfast before I left and stopped in Eagan to get a latte. The roads were ok until I got south of Burnsville, that's when the freezing rain started. I just stayed in the right lane and kept my speed civil.

I arrived at the school at 8:00 am and was mostly unloaded when the students showed up. They set up Troll, I found the custodian (Ed), they debated what space we had rented, turned the lights on, unlocked the doors, we were directed to the space the lunch prep was supposed to be in so I moved things in there. Once stuff was settled, I changed into garb and started getting things ready for lunch. The event was sparsely attended due to the weather and I know of at least one person who spun out when driving home.

Lunch was ready to go at 12:30 on the dot and at 12:35 when the fighters had still not come upstairs I went into the fighting hall and cleared my throat. They got the message and bolted upstairs to the spread. People were very happy with the food and I am glad. It was a lovely simple lunch to make and there were a number of contributors so many hands made light work. The sausages were a hit, as was the pickled garlic and onions (which surprised me), the pear tart was especially enjoyed and I agree that it was quite delicious. After lunch the tournament was run and I sat and watched quite a bit. It was very enjoyable! After the tournament I went upstairs and started packing up the food to send leftovers home with the attendees. The lunch was made to serve 50-70 people and I don't think more than 40 showed up, which is to be expected because of the roads. I was prepared with containers and parceled out pies, sausages, noodles, almonds, bread, beef, etc. to people interested. The site closed at 5:30 and we were scheduled to be out at 6 pm. Because of the weather many people left early, the clean up went very quickly and I was driving away in my loaded van at 5 pm.

The drive home was very "tense" and I took my sweet time. I got home at 6:30, so it wasn't too bad. I was relieved to be home though. It took a number of hours for my arms and shoulders to relax.

Sunday morning we woke to a good foot of snow. It was very impressive. P shoveled for a good 1.5 hrs and then we received another 3 inches on top that. I got a call from G2 inviting me to spend the day knitting with her and an offer to be picked up. Cool! H picked me up and I spent quality time with my friends watching bad movies and knitting. I'm nearly done with one sock.

I took the foot apart and added almost 2 more inches and I am much happier with the fit through the foot. The decorative band is landing right where it should. Now I just need to finish the last band at the top, knit a few rows, bind it off and add a garter with tassel. H is thrilled so I am happy. I will have one stocking done for Hair Affair this weekend and I will be entering them in the A&S partial documentation competition. I need one more skein of red and one more of black to finish.

The forecast lived up to it's claim this weekend, but the event survived despite everything and no one was hurt when driving the roads.

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Sarah said...

You do Bad Movie Sunday too, Rock on. Happy to hear your travels were safe. See you Thursday.