Monday, February 19, 2007

Karmic re-charge

I think I have finally paid back all of the hours that my grandma and my dad spent helping me when I first learned to knit.

I spent Sunday from 12 noon to almost 6 pm in a 20' x 20' roped off area helping wave after wave of people learn how to knit. This was an event sponsored by the Craft Yarn Council of America at the Mall of America called Knit Out 2007. I understand that several thousand people came through the line over the 2 days this weekend.

I also answered the ocassional question, or helped someone understand a notation or instruction on a pattern, help someone figure out how to turn a heel, or simply help someone finally finish a sweater that had been sitting in pieces for 20 years. I was a bit giddy from the experience, especially when I thought about half of those people continuing in this craft. WOW! I understand that there was some nice swag handed out at the numerous booths, but we never left our helping station. G2 signed up to be a teacher and I came along for the ride (and breakfast at IKEA) and thought, why not? I also brought my socks to work on, but didn't have time as I helped group after group. Good times.

We had a great dinner at Tucci Bennuch and got a free dessert from our coupon book from the Mall (we got this for volunteering). There is a Knit Out at Brookdale Mall in October and we hope to gather there when it happens. It was a lovely time this weekend.

As the Yarn Harlot says, knitters are mighty!


Guinifer said...

Good for you for volunteering! I don't think I could have handled the crowds.

angie said...

Knitter WILL rule the world! Glad to hear you made it. I too was giddy by having so many knitters or wannabe knitters in one place. Rock on!