Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I actually made it to the gym last night and I worked it, hard! Started on the tread for 20 mns and then went to a step/ sculpt class. I don't know if I have some lung funk hanging around but the class damn near killed me. I was coughing and spitting all over the place afterwards.

Then I got home and started working on the repairs for M's tent. I think there is some mold spores in the fabric because I was very wheezy when the sewing was done. I have never had asthma, but I was worried that I was going to have an attack. I took a benadril and some cough stuff and went to bed. I replaced the grommets this morning so the tent repair is done.

The tent is a rec. marquee from Panther that got hit with an intense storm back in October. The brunt of the damage was at the top of the roof where the uprights and ridge run. The damage is all on one side of the roof. There were three large rips running straight down from both grommets and straight along the ridge line. It ripped through 2 layers of canvas in some places. It was impressive. I re-inforced the torn areas with 2-ply layers of Sunforger, which I hope will hold up. The problem could be fabric fatique (the fabric itself becomes weak and is prone to failure) and there isn't much to do when that happens. Fingers crossed that it will perform ok at Gulf Wars next month.

Tonight I am headed over to Depth of Field to pick up 2 more skeins of yarn to continue the Socks, then I'm off to the meeting so that I can use the gym floor to fold up the tent roof. I need to write up something for the A&S thing this weekend. I have a feeling that I will not need to go to the gym on Thursday as the weather people are predicting more snow (several inches). It should be over with by the time we are heading out Friday afternoon.

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