Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crap with a side of crap

So my yarn arrived to finish the blue and white socks. The dye lot does not match. It does not match enough that it is noticeable to me. It does not match enough that it is noticeable to Tim.

It does not match.

It will continuously bother me to the point that I will never be happy with the socks if I try to knit them with this new yarn. I tried starting the new color after a band of colorwork in an attempt to hide the change and it is glaringly noticeable. This is not going to work. Shit!

I'm attempting to find another 50 grams with the dye lot that I am currently using, but I think that is going to be a long shot. I've called every yarn shop in the area and, while all of them have been helpful, they don't have what I need. I want this project done and I don't want to sit here waiting on the "possibility" that another skein could be found and nothing comes of it. I probably would be better off finding a different yarn in a white or off white and re-knitting the damn things, it probably will be quicker. I just wish I was not as far as I am........

I know if I made the choice to frog the things another skein will magically appear. Crap!

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Angie said...

good luck on finding your color. That's a serious bummer. Also, I hope your mom feels better real soon. Sounds like she has had a tough go of it.