Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Inkle loom

Ok, buying one did cheer me up. Still no luck on finding more yarn to match the Egyptian socks, but I may have found a solution in my own stash.....stay tuned.

Took 5 others from the event with me on an excursion to Color Crossing on Saturday and it is a lovely store! It has a large selection of yarns but even more so a HUGE selection of weaving supplies. It is mostly devoted to large looms/ multi heddle/ floor looms/ but it did have 1 inkle loom (the rest were rented out) that I snatched up. I also purchased 2 colors of a wool silk for the warp (a deep green and a light greyish green).

I warped my loom on Monday (after finishing HP 7) using some leftover cotton from my card weaving supplies. I wove approx 1 yard of trim at Fiber night and I'm relatively pleased with how it turned out. I used 2 different colors of weft during the weaving and I'm happier with the yellow weft than the white weft.

For someone who is good at seeing things in 3D, I have a hard time thinking through the weaving process. Fortunately the loom came with 5 patterns and warping directions so that helped a great deal. I may buy a book eventually, but I might not need to.

I've started weaving some plain tape with the sample of silk that I ordered for the stockings. It's boring, but it will help me maintain the tension on my weaving, which is good practice. I'm going back to color crossing on Saturday with G2, I think I may be purchasing more weaving materials.

I finished the body of the baby sweater last night and blocked it this morning. I started on the sleeves last night as well. Just need to purchase 4 buttons to complete it.

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