Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Surgery sucessful, hopefully

Mom did not crack her pelvis, as was feared. She did break her right femur, where the prosthesis for her new hip is attached. The surgeon was confident that the surgery went well and she will probably be in the hospital for the week and returning to Chippewa Falls to recoup at "The Manor".

Dad has been staying with us for the last couple of nights and will probably continue to stay with us at least tonight, if not longer, which is fine with us. She was still pretty drugged up last night so hopefully I will have a chance to talk with her tonight.

On the project front my blue and white socks are on hold until I receive more white yarn, which should be shipped this week. I began the varigated green socks on Saturday, it was hot enough that I had problems concentrating and had to put down my needles more than once. I want to finish sewing the 2 remaining gowns for Eleanor before her birthday on Friday. I can't wait to see the new Harry Potter movie!

I should be receiving the electronic candles this week as well.


Sarah said...

Wow, you sure are a busy lady. I want to see HP on Friday as well, T wouldn't let me go last night, fear of Se waking.

Give Good Luck to your Mom.

Rachel said...

I hope everything is well with your mom. That must be really hard to think about recovering after all the surgery she has had.

Constanza said...

Where did you get the candles from?