Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A date with Simon Pegg

Tonight after work I am picking up 300 and Hot Fuzz and spending the evening in front of the tv knitting the last bit of stocking. I'm hoping to be done enough to wash and block tonight.

G2 called off our weekly gathering on Monday to pack for Pensic. I'm thinking I should host the next couple of weeks since she will be away next week and just getting home following that.

Monday I went and gave blood at the Red Cross. Considering that they did not get my vein right away and had to fiddle around to stick it, my arm is surprisingly not sore. This is a good thing. Naturally I was a bit light headed by the time my pint was almost full. It seems to be hit and miss when I donate, maybe I will just donate lying down from now on. I scheduled my next appointment to donate October 1.

I finished the decorative band on the calf on sock #2, just 3+ inches of stockinette remain and this pair will be ready to ship. I'm planning on mailing them Friday.

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