Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tulip baby sweater

I finished the Tulip Baby Sweater in the Sweet Baby Boy colorway on Monday. The recipient is possibly coming into the world as I type this. I purchased the kit from Coldwater Colaborative, which is part of the combined yarn shop in downtown St. Paul. I really hope that they have managed to do business despite the riots from the RNC.

I think the sweater turned out really cute and I love the colors. I had plenty of yarn left over, which makes me think that I knit far too tight. I used the leftover to make a very cute hat, which should fit the kid until he/she is a year at least. The sweater is supposed to fit 6-9 months. I love the Dream in Color yarns, the variegated color from the hand dyeing really adds to the overall effect. Just wicked sweet!

I picked up the Arietta sweater last night and worked a few more rows of the back. I finished the waist shaping and 1 repeat of the pattern (40 rows). So far I really like it.
Edit: The recipient was born at 1 am CST 9/5 and is a girl. I would put this sweater on a girl.

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caillie said...

Lovely!!! That really turned out beautiful!