Friday, September 12, 2008

Wall paper and fencing

I didn't go to knitting last night. Instead I stayed at home and worked on some projects around the house.

There was an old icky undercabinet light next to the stove that was hardwired. I wanted to replace it with a newer light, but the one I had was a plug in. I found a conversion kit at Lowes which is wired in and provides 2 plugs and a switch. I found the switch on the panel to turn off the power (marked "dishwasher", we will need to relabel the entire box), disconnected the old fixture (saving for the garage), wired the conversion, mounted the new fixture and plugged everything in and turned on the power. Everything works and the new fixture has a night light, which is a lovely feature.

I bought new undercabinet lights for other areas in the kitchen and they string together, which cuts down on cords. They are going under the cabinet to the left of the fridge.

I spent the evening steaming off more wallpaper. I have a very small amount left to do behind the fridge and near the basement door and then I start prepping the walls, sanding, priming and then finally paint. I'm still going back and forth on the color. The test pot I picked up at Lowes is very pretty in the can, but rather blah on the walls. I think I'm going to end up with my first choice from Home Depot. I'm toying with the idea of painting an accent wall in the living room, a rich chocolate brown. I'm thinking this would be really nice on the wall with the fireplace and would offset the light colored brick, but we will see what P thinks. I placed his griffin above the mantel and it looks really nice. Perfect spot for it and I bought heavy duty hangers so I can hang it safetly.

Wednesday I started repairs on the fence, specifically the gate. There are about 5 boards that needed to be replaced and it's fortunate that I work at a company where I can get barn wood rather easily. I removed 1 broken board on the side fence and reattached the stringers to the posts using some galvanized screws. I removed the bolts holding the hinge for the gate and removed the gate closing hardware (which really wasn't in the best shape). I replaced the broken board on the gate and squared up the gate with a couple of angle brackets. It's still a bit wonky, but I think it's the best I will be able to do, it is much better than it was. I removed the broken board on the fence that the gate latches to and replaced it. I picked up a small can of stain on the way home from Ace and I'm going to satin the replacement boards before reattaching the hardware. I couldn't do that last night because of the rain, which is unfortunate. It will have to wait for Sunday. I found more material at work that I can use to replace the other broken boards and I will rip that to width this afternoon.

Tonight we leave for Bemidji to attend Coronation, but we will be returning Saturday. I want to get a lot done on Sunday and I hope the weather cooperates.

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