Monday, September 15, 2008

When your friends really know you

You get THIS for a house warming!

That was a fantastic surprise from Chris and family! I can hardly wait to use it and I do need to put down some quarter round along the baseboard in the Dining Room. Fantastic! (FYI, this is an air compressor and it totally rocks and I have wanted one for years!)

We went to Coronation on Saturday and it was a lot of fun, a ways to drive (and Koa drove the whole way!!!), but the group was very nice and really went all out for the event. I'm hoping that I have A & R convinced to use our new guest room and come stay with us for Rose Tourney in a couple of weeks.

Sunday was rainy so I was not able to work on the projects I wanted to, so I stayed inside and worked some more on the kicthen walls. P worked on his game room downstairs. He put up shelves in the closet and started unpacking some of the boxes. I finished steaming off the rest of the wallpaper, sanded some of the spots that I had patched, and started patching other spots. I'm hoping to have a coat of primer up by the end of the week.

Today should be dry so I should be able to stain the new boards for the fence and replace the gate. I'll work on the kitchen some more once it gets too dark outside.


Aoife Ni Aodhagain said...

It's lovely, ummhh what is it?

Liz said...

It's an air compressor. Only the coolest tool ever!

Constanza said...

Power Tools are so much fun! If I had a work shop, I would have one of these just because it's cool.