Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A whole lot of worry for nothing...

Final walk through of the duplex was yesterday and she barely looked at anything. She declared that everything "looked great" and we would get "our full deposit back". I feel really foolish that I spent so much time cleaning everything, but they had a list I was supposed to follow and I followed it. I have a feeling that most places are not left clean and empty.

I pointed out all the items that they really need to attend to: the broken grout and tile in the full bath, the water stains in the closet below the full bath, the black mold in the basement, the downspout that's pulled away from the house, the flooring that's coming up in the Kitchen and DR, the cabinets that are falling apart. I honestly doubt that anything will happen other than painting and new carpet, but you never know.

It does not matter cause we are out of there. The keys are turned in and we await our deposit check. Time to close that chapter.


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I'm glad that went well!