Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Liquor cabinet unpacked

The built in shelves in the DR works great to store the alcohol and the cookbooks. Some of the larger cookbooks were regulated to the cubbards in the base of the shelves, and some may find their way to the library when it is put together. It looks very nice and will serve well for entertaining. I may re-think having my computer station in there, but we will see.

There is still a sea of boxes but more and more of them are empty as we are putting things away at a furious pace. I finally found the mattress pad and sheets for our bed so we moved from the camp bed in the library to our bed in the Master bedroom last night. I hate to say it but I slept better on the camp bed.

Now I am working on window treatments. I unpacked the sheers that were in the LR and they will work great for the windows in the new LR. The roman shades for the bedroom are divided to provide shade for the library and the garb room (I'll need to make another one to even it out but for a now a roll shade works). The curtains that came with the Master BR are still up, but they need to be hemmed and cleaned. I purchased a small pot of paint to test for the kitchen. I'll see how it looks when it goes up, but I think it might be too light.

P spent most of Sunday and some of Monday organizing the garage. It is really coming along. I spent those days unpacking more boxes and working on the garden. We finished up the duplex on Saturday and I dug up my plants to transplant them to the ne house. Sunday night E and I did this. I also created a new planting bed that will eventually be for herbs. Currently it has the bee balm, lavendar, dyanthus, and flax. The perennial beds got a well needed trimming and we cleared an area away from the garage by a foot. Better for the stucco to breath. I have plans for the bushes out front and the trees and the raised garden next to the garage.

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