Friday, August 29, 2008

Not going to the duplex tonight

I am going HOME and unloading my van and making dinner in MY kitchen for P and me. I might even get the table cleared and we could eat our meal at the table. What a novelty!

Last night Rachel and Emily came over and went to town on the main floor with me. They rocked!!!! All the things I wanted to get done, got done and they are awesome!

All that is left to do is clean the carpet on the stair landings (and possibly in the main area of the LR as well), vacuum the basement, scrub out the utility sink and load of the remaining items in the basement and outside. I want to do this Saturday morning and hopefully I can be done with the duplex. A lot of people on the block appear to be moving out. I think the management are going to have a rather rude awakening when they can't keep tenants due to their shenanigans.

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Constanza said...

Doesn't that feel good? I'd come over to help with things if needed again, but I went to Urgent Care today and I have bronchitis. Yipee. I'm spending my time resting as much as possible.