Monday, August 18, 2008

A metric ton of cardboard has left the building

You know how you buy a new item, and it comes in a box, and you take it out of the box but you hang onto the box cause something might be wrong with it and you will need to return it in said box? Yeah, there are a lot of boxes in the basement that meet this deffinition. 98% of them are broken down and in the back of my van to be taken to recycling. A couple were used to re-pack the item that it came with. A couple were used to pack more stuff in the kitchen.

Tonight I'm packing the pantry and a couple of the cabinets that have dried goods and canned food. Then I'm vacuming and scrubbing said cabinets and closet. The shelves from the pantry will head to the garage along with some boxes from the house and basement. I divested the basement ceiling of eleventy billion spider webs and it is no longer so "Temple of Doom" in it's scope. I also cleaned behind/ under the oven yesterday. ICK! I think I'm going to need to wait and move the fridge once it is empty, but I'm going to clean under and behind it as well.

For everyone who has offerred boxes, really, we are completely solid for boxes. We are not going to bother with wardrobe boxes as we'll just put the hanging items directly into the van and then directly into a closet. There are still empty bankers boxes in the basement that I'm going to use to pack up the food in the kitchen.

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to pack up Thursday night to bring over on Friday when we get the keys. I think phone, tv, cleaning supplies, laptop, and vacume are first and foremost on the list, but there is room for more things. Next week is going to be very busy!


Petranella said...

I suggest a change of clothes and a basic shower kit, just in case. Congrats,

K said...

you will want toilet paper and a few plates, bowels and cups just so you know where a few are if you don't unpack fast.

Anonymous said...

Unless your showers have glass doors, be sure to plan for a shower curtain. We got stuck with this dilemia and ended up using a paper painter's drop cloth. Luckily we had the spring loaded curtain rod available.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! That should have read PLASTIC painter's...