Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy weekend

The weekend was very busy at chez "trying to move 8 years of accumulated crap to a new house". Oy Vey! The basement.....there are no words.

Saturday P and I tackled the garage. We loaded both vans with stuff, including the 4 benches for the vans, and headed over to M and V's place to unload in their garage. We swung by the Sprawl and sat and drank orange juliuses in the courtyard and people watched. It was very entertaining. We got home and I continued to work on the garage. I took down shelves, I took down the brackets, and I threw out various crap. There is now a little pile of stuff that it earmarked "see if people want this". I think the barrier sections are going to temporary housing this week so we can start moving more things out to the garage from the basement.

P worked on the basement and I helped at times as well on Sunday. We moved a number of the shelves and storage grids to the garage. I broke down cardboard boxes and bundled them. We moved an old stationary bike and dresser to the curb and it was dutifully swept up by the neighborhood by this morning, thank you neighbors! We had friends over last night for grilling out/ drinking a random keg of beer from the basement and burning a pile of wood. We had a lot of fun. We had a surprise guest while we were sitting out.

A hummingbird came to my delphinium while we were sitting out Sunday evening. I don't think I have ever seen a hummingbird in our back yard before so I was completely dumbfounded. If I had known that there was a possibility of attracting them I would have been putting out nectar years ago. It was a female ruby throated hummingbird. So cool!

In other exciting nature news, Lenny provided us with the carcass of a dead baby bunny Sunday morning. I guess that is his answer to the obvious lack of food in the house. Specifically the smaller amount of food in his dish. Poor thing.

This morning we began the continuing saga that is the new home. We started the weekend with good news on Friday. Fannie Mae (who owns the house) finally got off their sorry asses and signed the addendum for the purchase agreement, a copy arrived for our agent who sent it to the credit union so they could process the mortgage, and the subs have started on the pipes this week and promise to have the work done by the 15th. Unfortunately the credit union does not have enough time to process everything and still meet a August 15th closing date. They are now saying August 22nd, which cuts our move time in half and curtails any projects that I wanted to do before moving into the new home. This sucks huge balls and I am pissed as hell with Fannie Mae for being a sorry ass tool and sitting on their hands for as long as they did. That whole company can rot! Our credit union is trying to do everything they can to have the closing before the 22nd, they cannot guarantee anything.

I swear I am not going to be at ease until things are signed and there are keys in my hand. I can't even plan anything cause every time I do my timeline gets f'ed up by ya heys who can't find their ass with both hands and paperwork. Anyone who still is interested in coming to clean, we could use your help on Friday the 22nd, unless I hear otherwise. Obviously this is what the news is today, we have found that anything and everything can change the next day, or even later the same day.

I don't ever want to do this again.


Alwen said...

There's a reason why I call "m*ve" the 4-letter "M" word.

Liz said...

Ain't it the truth? I have heard exactly ONE person say "we had no problems buying our house". Everyone else had an equally frustrating and pain in the ass time that we are having.

Constanza said...

I will see what I can do for coming over to clean/help out. If it would help any, I'd go find Fannie Mae and give her a kick in the ass.