Monday, August 04, 2008

Yearly check up

Both kitties are in good health and continue to provide daily love and amusement.

Lenny gave us a bit of a scare last year with abnormal urine counts and he was placed on a special diet for cats with kidney issues. Looks like that worked as his count is bang on this year and the vet is very happy. We are changing his diet just a bit by adding some wet food to his dry. He put on a pound over the year, which is usually frowned on by the vet, but considering his possible kidney issues gaining a pound is excellent news and further indication that his health is excellent.

We're continuing Frontline for both of them this year. Heartworms and kitties are not a good thing.

Nehemiah didn't gain any weight, but he didn't loose any either and at 16 lbs, he is overweight. The addition of the wet food to the dry is mostly because of our attempt to drop his weight by 3 lbs. Despite his bulk, he is in good health, although I think his joints are a bit stiff. Now if we could just figure out a toy that keeps his interest so he can get more exercise. The cat is way too mellow.

After the vet we stopped at the eco place in Eagan and dropped off a defunct video player, compact fluorescent bulbs and cans of paint. It was good to get that out of the house. We stopped at Hovies and grabbed breakfast for the road. Fantastic hash!!!

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