Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost there...

I loaded my van full last night and got nearly everything that was left in the LR. There is another load left, but it's mostly bulky items and clothes.

I washed windows upstairs, spackled walls, washed base boards, and mopped the floors in the 3 bedrooms. I cleaned and scrubbed the full bath and was walking out the door at 10 pm. I elected to leave the van packed and unload when I get home from work today. Once I'm unloaded and in grubby clothes I will make my way to the duplex. I'll load up the rest of the stuff from the main floor and start cleaning the fridge, kitchen cubbards, carpet and floor in the DR. I have holes to spackle in the LR and Kitchen as well.

Rachel (who is awesome) is coming over to help me with the kitchen so I hope I can get home by 10. I'll be so glad when this week is over and I no longer have to worry about cleaning up the old place and can just concentrate on the new.

This weekend I'll be transplanting the bushes and perenials to the new garden and cleaning up the yard. It should be the perfect weekend for that. Sunny and in the 80's. Fantastic!

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the boogeyman's wife said...

man. you're making me tired just reading about your move. hope you can finish everything up and enjoy the weekend.