Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Check-up for Bruce

I brought him to Service First Sewing to leave him for cleaning and oiling. I told them about the problems I was having with the bobbin. They said "oh you don't need to leave him here for that, we'll just get you a replacement bobbin case". They had one in stock, I purchased 2 more steel screws for the side plate and needle and $20 and 10 minutes later Bruce was back in my car. Yay. I still have the old bobbin case for a back up. Once he is back in the table I will blow out the junk, clean and oil him up. He will be all ready for more tents and shade flys.

Tonight I am sewing the Yeti shade. I want it done so Vidi can use it for the archery moot on Sunday. It's a lighter weight twill so I will be using my Singer. It's all cut out and ready to go so I should be finished tonight. I just will need to gather wood for the uprights, some more rope and sliders and of course, stakes.

Saturday is Pewter casting bears. Sunday is Farmer's Market.

Happy May Day! Beautiful thunderstorms and lightning last night.


Sarah said...

I agree very beautiful, it was hard for me to not look while I was driving to and from Snap fitness. Had to do the concentrate and stay on the road thing.

Rachel said...

Oh, hello Bruce, the object of my jealous desire.

I am glad to hear that it was just a bobbin case & not major damage. We will have to introduce Bruce to yet unnamed serger fatale. I pick her up in two weeks.

Liz said...

I knew there was no major damage, just the bobbin case being all wierd. Now I have a back up in case wierdness returns.