Monday, May 07, 2007


So tonight is my Lefse class for the St. Paul Community Ed. I'm extremely nervous and I'm boggled by this. I have been teaching classes in the SCA, out of the SCA, as a TA at University (many years ago), why am I nervous about this? Probably because people are paying to attend this class. ($38/ person, eek!) Probably because I'm having a case of the 'Harlots' and am worrying about all the things that can go wrong.

I get lost finding the school
I can't find the classroom I'm supposed to use and I'm late
No one shows up
My equipment doesn't work
The lefse sucks (this has NEVER happen, but there is always a first)
There is no refrigerator or counter space to use the griddles and we end up using desk tops and the dough is warm and sticky. (supposedly the class is in a kitchen/ home ec room so this should not be the case)
I suck at teaching and everyone hates me.

As I'm writing this I just got a call from the Community Ed office to finalize things for the class tonight. They are offering me MORE money because I only have 5 people signed up for the class (my limit was 10). Wow. They want me back in the Fall too. Cool! I also confirmed that there are countertops, sinks, outlets and refrigerators in my room. Less to worry about; except the sucking....


Cynthia said...

I have only lived in Minnesota for a year now but I keep hearing about lefsa. Must try it sometime! Hope your class went well.

Rachel said...

Hey silly,

How can the most confident person I know get nervous? I am sure it went great.

I didn't know that you were planning on teaching a class on lefse. Believe it or not ( for those that know me) I am neither Norwegian nor Swedish, so Lefse is a mystery to me. I would love to learn, as my french husband loves the stuff ( go figure). Hope all went well. See you soon.

Guinifer said...

Mmmm, lefse. I'd sign up if I lived in St. Paul.

Liz said...

I don't think you need to live in St. Paul to take a community ed class. I know a Sweet Celebrations and Ingebretsens both offer classes on lefse and SC is located in Burnsville, Edina, Minnetonka and Maplewood. Ingebritsens is in Mpls.