Thursday, May 31, 2007

one tent down....

It's sewn and sitting in my living room in it's new bag. I did the majority of the sewing and am receiving some nice pottery for the work. Barter is good. I set it up last night with one of my uprights and hubs to try it out. My spokes are too long, but they worked well enough for me to see how the whole thing looked. I drilled and cut toggles and sewed them on to close the doors and moved the pockets for the spokes lower. It was a nice space inside. I sewed the carrying bag and the whole thing is waiting to be picked up and taken home. Now to make a center pole and hub. The hub I'm making (with supplied material), but the center pole is in someone else's hands.

The other 2 tents will not be done at the end of June, but August will be easy, perhaps even by WW. I'll be excited to see what the new site for WW will be like. Perhaps the royalty will all be camped together, which I will like cause then I can be near my friends. It will be a new adventure!

A week from tomorrow I will be on the road to Lilies. How does the year pass so quickly? We have some wayward travelers returning and some new faces and always some people had to cancel at the last minute. That's how it goes, but I will be glad for the people who come. We are still heavily on the canvas end of things and the nylon is quickly going the way of the dinosaur in our camp. This is a good thing.

This weekend my friend E is coming over to sew a shade fly for her camp and possibly start a round tent for use as a shower. She came over last night for a consult on her drawings/ ideas. I thought they looked great and she will have a very snazzy space. C is coming over on Sunday to sew up a shade fly and alter her ground loops on her wedge. I altered the ground loops on D&K's wedge on Monday and I need to get that back to them.

I'm excited for the sewing classes and tailors shop at Lilies and I am also excited to have a fellow campfire cooker in camp. We are going to have a blast!!!!


Guinifer said...

You make is all sound incredibly easy!

Liz said...

It is easy.

Just sew a bunch of straight lines on a really HUGE piece of canvas. Nothing to it really.

Emily said...

I'm always amazed at how productive you are. Will you post pictures of the pottery when you get it?

angie said...

Please share pics of the tent/tents you made. I finished a bag from the pattern you supplied. Pretty darn snazzy!

Merouda said...


I wish we could go to Lilies. Had we received the news about the new DudDud campground earlier, we might have been able to switch our plans, but it is too late now.

Miguel-san and I are supposing that Lilies will take the place of DubDub henceforth.