Monday, May 14, 2007

Robo mom recovery

So Robo Mom is still in the hospital recovering from her knee replacement. Spoke to her last night and she sounded in good spirits (a bit tired). She has been running a low fever since the operation so the doctor does not want to release her until her temp is normal. They have run through everything that could be causing her temp (100.3-101) and they have ruled out all the possible suspects. They gave her a pint of blood yesterday and she is feeling much better, perhaps she will get another today.

She will be going directly to an assisted care facility for her rehab and then she will be going home once she is independantly mobile. She has been getting out of bed and walking (with assistance) every day since surgery and she continues to improve. Knee replacement surgery is a tough, long, recovery.


Rachel said...

My father's recovery was extremely difficult to watch as well. I hope your mom is doing well, and her recovery goes smoothly.

Let me know if she needs any movies, games, books, etc. I have a pretty big library if you want to borrow some for her. I know hospitals can be dreadfully dull.

Liz said...

She's a good reader and is well stocked. Just spoke to her and they are releasing her from the hospital today! (Tuesday)

Now the rehab begins.