Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quest for Camelot

Wednesday evening after work was spent packing the van and trailer at C&C's home. I finished stuffing my sausages while C packed the car, after wards I went with C to pick up beer. The evening was spent relaxing and an early retire to bed. We awoke at 5 am and ate the remaining sausage mixture cooked as patties with rye bread and coffee. We arrived just a little after 6 am to pick up S and start on our way.

The drive was uneventful and a very nice. SD is a boring state to drive through, but it gets far more exciting the further west you go. We stopped in Mitchell, SD for lunch, but decided against visiting the Corn Palace or the Doll Museum, maybe next time. We arrived at the Nemo Guest Ranch (such a picturesque place!!) a little after 4 pm and found out where we were to set up. Fortunately we were right next door to the cabin that our friends were staying in so we had an unexpected treat of using their bathroom and their kitchenette (refrigerator and sink prviliages, nice!) throughout the weekend.

Our camp.

The view!

Cooking and visiting with friends.

General silliness was rampant. We taught our camping/ cooking/ pavilion classes with much sucess and I got a number of compliments on my tents and my cooking box so I was pleased. I finished my G Rocks with hardly any fiber to spare and wore them while setting up and taking down the camp. I think they are a bit on the big side, but they are comfy. I also finished the Roman socks and mailed them off on Monday, a bit on the late side for a graduation gift, oh well.

It was such a lovely weekend and I met wonderful people from the western end of Northshield and got to visit with others that I had not seen for a while. I also met wonderful people from the Outlands, most specifically my namesake Giovanni, who is a hoot! (and he also looks good with pink flowers in his hat).

Fabulous weekend!

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Sarah said...

Reads like you had a good time, the site looked beautiful.

T and I hope to make it to this event in the next couple of years.