Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Robo Mom

My mom had her right knee sucessfully replaced yesterday and she is recovering well, according to Dad. Her knee is the most recent of replacements which includes: her right hip, her shoulder joint, her teeth, and a fused spine.

I think Robo Mom is appropriate. Besides, I think she is fueled by Energizer cause she keeps going....and going....and going.... I wish I had that much energy.


Angie said...

i am glad that your mom came thru alright.

Angie said...

liz, thanks for the post. Gene is on the mend. Now the real work begins. But he is very motivated. i was so glad to see your cute little face on your blog. smooches!

Merouda said...

I'm so happy to hear that your momma came through all right.

Anonymous said...

Glad she's doing well. We've been calling my mother "Bionic Mom". :)


Rachel said...

I will have to bring "The Stupidest Angel" with the description of the bionic barmaid. You'll get a kick out of it.

But seriously, I am glad to hear your mom is well. Keep us posted on her recovery!

Beth said...

Glad she's doing well.
Could you have your mom call my mom and tell her it is worth the 6 weeks of being laid up to get rid of the pain? That would be both her pain and the pain in the a$$ my brother and I have just listening to her complain!