Friday, May 11, 2007

Conversations on a bus

I decided to take the bus into work yesterday. I discovered a fairly direct route that allowed me to leave around the same time in the morning and gets me to work around 8, which is when I should be there. (I actually got in around 8:03, oh well). I thought it would be nice to save money on gas and I wouldn't have to worry about squeezing my car behind our shop and I could be all environmently friendly and all.

However there are some problems with that.

Taking the bus is more expensive, for me, than driving. How's that for discouraging? I work 5.2 miles from home. Round trip that is 11 miles. Currently my van gets roughly 18 miles/ gallon. ('96 Dodge Grand Caravan). Today a gallon of gas in MN costs $2.98/ gallon. Round trip with the bus? $4.00. It's an ok choice when the weather sucks and I would rather not drive, but daily use? Not so much. If I had to pay for parking downtown, it would make sense, but I don't. I'm sure the extra $ is worth it to not add my van's emissions into the air, but I can't afford doing that everyday. ::sigh::

I did get some time to knit on the bus, my "G Rocks" yarn from Blue Moon. I've started the heel flap!

I'm knitting on the ride home and I hear faint natterings from people around me: "is that knitting?" "what's she making?" "I remember when my mother/ grandmother/ father/ grandfather did that." The kicker was: "oh I would never find time to do that". This said by someone sitting on a bus, with empty hands and time before their next stop. So what exactly are you doing now? In my spare time this week I have managed to knit 7" of my sock. I will have it finished next week and the other started. I will have the pair complete before the end of the month. God knows I am not idle, I always am doing something, but I find time to knit cause I like it. It's fun for me. If it is fun for you, you will find the time.


Rachel said...

It's funny, G, how the same people that view knitting, sewing, cooking, etc. as a waste of time find time to watch American Idol.

It's like our friend the harlot says - 100 years ago it was seen as wasteful to buy what one could make themselves.

I think that when the muggles make those comments it is only because they realize how vapid and useless they are, and it makes them feel guilty.

Keep it up. Make 'em wonder what you are up to.

Liz said...

Amen to that!!!

Now there is "National Bingo Night" on tv. It's the beginning of the end. Fall of Rome and all.

Guinifer said...

Your time has value too - and the bus is giving you time to do something else!