Friday, August 03, 2007

Egyptian stockings with blue bands

Complete and in the mail.

I'm really pleased with them.

The yarn used is Fortissima Socka (75% wool and 25% poly) in blue (1015) and natural (1048). I estimate that I used just under 458 yards of blue and 680 yards of natural. The stockings were knit from the toe up using a figure 8 cast on. I increased 4 stitches every other row until I reached 80 stitches total. The heel is made with the short row method. Once I was past the ankle band I increased the number of stitches every 5 rows until I had 120. The decorative bands were charted from extent socks dating from the 13th. century in Egypt and can be found in Richard Rutt's, A History of Hand Knitting. The stockings are bound off using a standard method. The garters were made using a crochet hook and are started through the back loops on the socks. The break in the pattern runs up the inside of each leg.

I knit the stockings on size 0 needles and the gauge was 9 stitches by 12 rows / square inch (approx).

I estimate that I spent close to 60 hours knitting this pair, but I can't be sure. It was actually pretty quick because of all the plain stockinette.


Cathy said...

Really cool socks!

Beth said...

Those are just freakin' awesome.