Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Well it's been a couple of weeks, but I can't get past a particular incident.

I really love all of my hobbies. I have such a good time with them that I assume that other people will also enjoy them, if they just give them a chance. (Personally I think that people who don't knit are people who simply have never tried and if they see how much fun it is they'd start.) I'm not delusional though, and I am perfectly able to realize that what I do isn't everyone's cup of tea. A simple "I don't think I would be interested in learning that" or "I don't really enjoy this" is fine with me. However, don't insult me, my (and my friend's) interests, or belittle me for having fun with what you may consider to be a waste of time. Onto to the story.

There I was, arriving with my fellow lovely knitters, at our appointed time on a beautiful summer evening a couple weeks ago at our regular gathering place (a coffee shop). A "gentleman" who also frequents the same place had parked himself in our usual spot. He announces that he is almost done and will get out of our way. We tell him to take his time, no big deal, plenty of room for all of us.

"Why don't you stay and we will teach you to knit?" I say.
"Well, I have a mortgage." he replies.

What the @#*! does that even mean? I was so struck sideways that the best response I could muster was "and?"

"Well I work full time." says he
"And?" says I
"Well I'm going to school." says he
"And?" says I
"Well, I'm not interested in learning how to knit." he says.
"Fine." I say
"But you could knit me something." he says
"Um, yeah, not so much." I say.
I have to paint my toes and eat bon bons so I'm swamped, which is what I should have said.

Feeling the daggers trained upon him he left quickly after that exchange, but I'm still pissed. This guy was my age, who the heck did he think he was? Every single woman in my group works to support their family (I consider caring for their children work, btw), and a couple are the soul bread winners in their home. Somehow we are not allowed to spend time with each other sharing a similar hobby? Somehow this means that we are obviously idle? WTF!

Having been in the SCA for 16 years I'm used to having people think that what I do in my spare time to be weird. I've also had people ask me if dressing up in medieval clothes was my job? I wish! That's fine if you don't share my interests or passions, god knows I don't share the interests and passions of everyone else, but allow me the right to enjoy them without you passing judgement or making erroneous conclusions about my character.

::big cleansing breath:::


Emily said...

Glad you got that out. That's been bothering me, too.

Sarah said...

Dumbass, some people's children, seriously. I'm happy I wasn't there I hate that kind of crap. It's like when T and I are out with the kids, I feel like a sideshow freak. I mean I am somed ays but not because of the kids :D

Rachel said...

Freakin' Muggles.

Anonymous said...

The human brain works in mysterious ways. I'm using "works" loosely here.

He is not worthy of the needles.