Monday, August 06, 2007

FO's in the works

I received an e-mail from my godmother to say that the Icarus shawl arrived and she loves it. She says the color is perfect and she loves blue, which I already knew, but it was nice to be right about that. She says the evenings in LA are cool enough that the shawl will be very useful, even in the summer, which is great.

I'm thinking S will have his socks by the end of the week and I have one finished and the other started of the Sock Monkey Socks for M.

I received the last bit of canvas for the second spoked round tent on Thursday so I can sew that this week. Tuesday is the demo for Palace for National Night Out, Thursday is knitting and Saturday is a regional practice up in Duluth.

The following weekend is the girls weekend down in Rochester and I'm in charge of food.

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