Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The weather tried to kill me...again

Saturday morning around 3 we were jolted into consciousness by wind traveling approx 80 mph and threatening to shatter the windows, a lightshow in the sky, deaffening thunder and a cat who was trying to dig his way to China via my armpit to get away from it all. Awesome!

LOTS of wind, some rain, a little hail, LOTS of thunder and lightning, which included a sonic BOOM that sat us bolt upright after we had drifted off. In the morning we found lots of branches scattered around the street, including a pretty sizeable branch still clinging to a tree one house away. No damage to our house, car, or yard and we still had electricity (unlike a large portion of folks in the metro area). All is good.

Last night I am waiting for a storm to blow over before leaving G2's. I head out on the road around 11 pm and the wind and rain hits when I am approximately 2 blocks from my house. I am talking inside a car wash, cannot see anything, rain. So I sit and work on my heel flap in the car while listening to WCCO for several minutes in hopes that it will ease up. It is obvious that it will not be happening anytime soon.

No umbrella in the car and a dead cell phone so I can't call for P to come out with one. Emergency rain poncho to the rescue! I knew there was a reason for my "oh shit" box to always be in my car. I slipped it on, grabbed my bag and ran to the door. We sat and watched a very fuzzy tv as the storms passed over us. Again, we did not loose power. Hopefully those who did from this weekend and last night will have their power restored by tonight.

I hope R made it across the river before the storm hit Hudson.

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