Monday, August 27, 2007

IKEA Sunday

Really, I was just going to offer man-power to lift my friend's purchases into her truck. That and IKEA coffee and meatballs. Yummy.

This past weekend was all about organizing, purging and cleaning. P and I went through a mountain of mail, catelogs and phone books and we have 2 bags ready for the recycler. I have 2 bags of clothes and other household items that I'm going to take to the thrift shop (their proceeds help support an animal shelter). I purged through my stash and there is probably stuff that will wind up at the Yarnery for their charitable knitting. I also tried to clear out my garb, or at least find a better way to store it. I have a set of hanging shelves that I have owned for over a decade. The shelves are heavy cardboard and are suspended by a set of strings that hang from a bracket on top. The whole thing is covered with a zippered case. Well over the years the heavy cardboard shelves have warped pretty bad, the strings are stretched, the bracket is bent and the plastic case is ripped along the zipper. Time to replace.

At IKEA I found the Skubb Series and I purchased a hanging shelf and 2 drawers. I absolutely LOVE it and it is the perfect solution. All my foldable garb fits with room to spare and I can get to it so much easier. My friend picked up a set of the Komplement boxes. They are really nice, but I don't have a space that would work well for them, perhaps one, but not 3, and they only come in sets of 3.

I came home and replaced the light bulb in my wall lamp and set up my new hanging clothes system. I fixed a drawer in my dresser and vacumed my sewing room. It looks much better. The rest of the evening was spent watching Season 1 of the Dresden Files and knitting the baby sweater.

My KnitPicks order is here, time to fondle yarn.


Merouda said...

How bizarre! That's exactly what I spent my weekend doing. Cleaning and purging. I've finally dug down to the bottom of my computer desk AND my C&I table.

Now if I could get Michael to replace the bulbs in the C&I table's lamp...

Liz said...

Great minds, you know. Can't wait for Friday!

Constanza said...

I love IKEA for organizing. I have two sets of free standing Antonius wire racks for my garb closet, leaving space to hang things like my robes and Tudor stuff in the middle.