Thursday, August 23, 2007


Neither of my orders are going to reach me until the 28th/ 29th so that puts the kibosh on dyeing this weekend. It's probably for the best as I should focus on sewing new bags for the throne pieces and a coat for a friend. I also want to spend the weekend evaluating my stash.

Currently my stash involves very little full skeins of yarn. A lot of it consists of leftovers of sock yarn and small remains of finished projects. I always think it's a good idea to hang onto a small bit of yarn in case I need to make repairs. This weekend I'm going to be pretty harsh. I have supplies for my card weaving and inkle weaving that I need to put away. I'm going to weed out stuff that I'm simply never going to use and set aside stuff that I will use up. I'm currently knitting up toddler socks from my leftover sock yarn skeins. Currently I have friends with babies but they will grow up and need socks, or I could simply give the socks away to a shelter.

I'm thinking of hitting the Mid-town Global Market this weekend, or the Farmers market.

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Rachel said...

You probably already thought of this, but a great way to save yarn for repairs is to take the little plastic "cards" used for embroidery floss, and store them in a sectioned flat box (like a bead box). It's a space saver. And cheap. I have great organizing ideas, just bad at follow-through.