Friday, August 17, 2007

Monkey socks done

I finished the second sock Wednesday night. That is a pair of socks completed in less than a week, which I think is pretty good, especially since this was a bit more fiddly than plain stockinette. The pattern is Monkey by Cookie A.

My yarn is a superwash merino wool that I purchased at Lilies. It's handpainted by the Dyeing Arts in Omaha NE. They have a website on the ball band ( ) but it doesn't appear to be functioning at present.

The color is Limey, and it is. I just love how it turned out and the fit is fantastic.

I think I have enough left on the skein to knit a hat.


Angie said...

how cute Liz! I read your earlier post on the guy who dissed knitting. Grrrr.. That made my blood boil even when I wasn't there. It was good to see you the other day.

Valkryie Knit This said...

ooOO! So pretty! I love that color. How fun. :)

Beth said...

Love the color! They look great.